I have been using Android almost since it came out, and I have even implemented some of the features in the system that are available in every Android device out there. I love the system, but I am also very much aware of the privacy evading mechanisms that Google and many app vendors add on top of it.

Luckily, you do not get too locked down with Android (this is not Apple and IOS) and you can in many cases find FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) as alternative to the regular apps provided.

I have assembled a list of alternatives to some of the most common Google apps and a few other apps:

GBoard → OpenBoard / FlorisBoard

Google message → QKSMS

Google Authentificator → Aegis

Google Calculator → OpenCalc / Calculator by Xlythe

Play Store → Aurora StoreFdroidNeo Store

Google News → News / Flym News Reader

Google Keep → QuillNote / QuillPad / Joplin / Orgzly

Google Chrome → Mull

Google Photo → Aves / Simple Gallery Pro

Google Camera → GrapheneOS Camera / OpenCamera

Google File → Material Files / Simple File Manager

Google Docs → Librera ReaderCollabora Office

YouTube → Libretube

Gmail Client → FairEmail / K9 (soon to be Thunderbird Mobile)

Google Password Manager → Bitwarden

Google Map → Organic Map / OpenMultiMap / Open Street Map (OSM) 

Google Search → Whoogle / DuckDuckGo

Google Task → simpleTask

Google Drive → NextCloud

Google Drive PDF Reader → MJ PDF Reader /  PDF Viewer Plus

Google Phone → Koler / Simple Dialer

Google Calendar → Etar / Simple Calendar Pro

Google Translate → TranslateYou

Twitter / Facebook → Mastodon / Fedilab / Element 

Instagram → pixelfed

Google Password → Bitwarden

Pocket → Wallabag

Google Fit → wger

Spotify → Blade Player (player for spotify)

Google podcast → AntennaPod

Google Contacts → Simple Contacts Pro

Google Clock → Simple Clock

Do you have any ideas for other FOSS alternatives with a high focus on privacy? let me know in the comments below.