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Using core dumps for Linux privilege Escalation

A new vulnerability has been discovered that makes it possible to get a privilegded process to core dump in a restricted area.
This can via a few nifty tricks be abused to gain root access to a linux system

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Hacking for a job (or just for fun)

The cyber crime unit of the Danish police has put out a boot2root box to find relevant applicants for a job as web specialist.
I could not resit trying it out.

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Free world-wide Wifi for all IPhones (or how to trash the IPhone wifi settings)

What happens if you put a funky format string as SSID for your wifi AP? For IPhones it can have an unexpected outcome.

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Who shares private social security number online?!?!

Have you ever shared a picture of your Danish social security card (in Danish: sundhedskortet) online? Maybe with a finger across to cover the secret number?
Think you’re safe from identify theft? probably not!

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Bash faulty pasting tip

Have you ever pasted some random multi-line text to the bash shell ? If you have, then you will know how annoying this is. So here is the fix!

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Password-less linux login with SoloKeys

Sometimes a hardware key is not for added security but simply for added simplicity. This time I give a quick intro to how you can use a SoloKey (or other U2F/FIDO2 HW key) as a quick Linux login mechanism.

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Using SoloKey for Linux Login

If you want to have extra security for your linux machine besides the usual password. Then get yourself a SoloKey or other hardware U2F key and use that as secondary login. Here I give you the description on how to install and configure everything for using Solokeys with your linux. Enjoy!

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Security keys – everyone should have at least one!

I spend a lot of my time on IT security and related subjects. This is also why you will always find at least 1-2 hardware security keys on me when I move around. This time I tell a bit about the three types I primarily use.

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Cloud services with “enough” storage

Sometimes you need a lot of storage in the cloud and services like dropbox and google drive just don’t give you enough space (unless you pay a lot of money each month). I have been looking a bit at the 1TB+ cloud services and found my favorite among them.

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Vim Tip#1: close all other buffers

What should you do when you have 50+ buffers open in Vim? This is my trick.

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