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Happy Birthday UNIX – 50 years

Who would have known that a fun project (originating from a computer game idea) would end up 50 years later as being the ground work for most modern operating systems? Happy Birthday to UNIX 50 years.

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Password-less linux login with SoloKeys

Sometimes a hardware key is not for added security but simply for added simplicity. This time I give a quick intro to how you can use a SoloKey (or other U2F/FIDO2 HW key) as a quick Linux login mechanism.

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Using SoloKey for Linux Login

If you want to have extra security for your linux machine besides the usual password. Then get yourself a SoloKey or other hardware U2F key and use that as secondary login. Here I give you the description on how to install and configure everything for using Solokeys with your linux. Enjoy!

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